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Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

When you start creating a website you should think about “What do I need to have a successful website?”

Imagine that – you already have your website and everything is working properly, the design is fancy and you are happy that your business is already online. But something is wrong. You do not have the expected traffic, people are not buying or contacting your office. This is the time when you start asking yourself “What’s wrong with my website.” and “What important part I’ve missed?”

In fact, there a many thing that you should think about.

Design and UX

Your design should be up to date. People do not like old looking websites. You should ask the developers to add some of these new things that the users like and make the user experience better. It is not only the right color scheme or style, it is also the interaction.

Importance: 6/10 (more…)