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What makes the Website Ownership issue so important?

Friday, August 29th, 2014

In our 15 years of practice we have seen many examples why it is highly essential you and only you to be the owner of the domain name for your website. Briefly, your domain name is like a real estate on the Internet and if it is not your property then it is very likely that you may not be able to apply changes to your website or even worse – you may lose it. Think of your domain name the same way you think of your home – you would never let anyone else to get the property over it right? So never do it for your domain too!


Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

If you want to keep web users on your website and make them feel comfortable in it, it is significant to develop a proper navigation system. In case the users find it complicated to find what they need quickly or the website is difficult to navigate, they will never visit it again.

The main function of the navigation is to make it easier for us to find the information we need by showing the site content and make us feel that we know we are on the right way for finding the information we need. It has been proved through research that if a web site has a good navigation, then most of the users will come back and use the web site again. However,  if the navigation is not clear and difficult to use, most of the users will prefer a website that saves time and hassle, and will never come back again.

Well-developed navigation is a significant feature of a successful and highly visited web site. It guides all users through the pages and if it lacks simplicity and consistency, the content will be useless, because no one would waste their time thinking of how to find what they need from your web site.

So, let us see some of the most important steps in making a good Navigation System for our web site. (more…)