Whenever starting design for a website you need to think about you colour scheme. How would you mix and compose the colours and pictures, so that it will attract public attention. This is not as easy as it may look like. To start with, you may use the computer basic colour scheme, or if your website has a logo, you may choose a scheme that suits its colours. If you have already designed a page header or title, you may be eager to select a colour that is already present in the design. Doing this, you’ll be able to make a sensible and aesthetic mixture of colours and colour schemes.

These days many people prefer to use a scheme selector for their website’s design, because it is time saving and gives you the ideas you need. If you want to use this selector, first of all, you need a basic colour. Take for instance the following situation: You have a green logo and you think that a greenish website will fit in well in presenting your company. Then the selector will give you the chance to choose complementary, analogic, monochromatic or contrasting amongst the others colours.

Red is considered a complementary colour of green. So a few shades in green and a few in red may suit your website perfectly. It is very important to know that no matter if you find it the perfect colour combination, it is best if you try a few other colour combinations, just to make sure you have chosen the right one! Sometimes people start designing their website with a monochromic scheme and at the beginning it looks well, however, a little after you`ll see that no matter it looks well nothing stands out.

This problem may be solved if you switch to an analogic colour scheme. Doing this you will have complementary colours with some neighbouring colours. Using some of these shades in the areas, you need to underline and bring more attention.

If you consider developing a children’s page your best choice will be triadic colour scheme, because you will need contrast. The triadic scheme for green, for example would be green, orange and purple. If you use the main colour on the most of the page, you’ll make your design looks professional, but if you use too much colours and contrast your visitors would be probably terrified.

If you want to underline specifically something on your page- like a word or a link, it is best to use a really bright colour, so it stands out of the whole page. Do not type all the text brightly, because you tend to look unprofessional and the content becomes difficult and annoying to read. Consider carefully the type of organisation, you are developing a design for. For example a green background with red and orange links may suit perfectly too a baby site, but will not be your best decision for a doctor`s or lawyer website.

Be careful when choosing your colour schemes. If you stick with the logo or header, you will not be wrong. To make the page look more professional, you can add contrasting or simple complimentary colours. Remember- your website design will make the first impression in the visitors, so it must be the best!

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