Internet is an ubiquitous place. We can use it for communication, for finding information and even for marketing. Internet marketing is much more different from the ordinary marketing. In this type, there is no face-to-face contact, so we cannot rely on our charm and ability to convince people, but to a little bit different ways of presenting products. We need to use different psychological tricks and knowledge, so that it becomes our most powerful weapon in the fight for clients.

One of the most important psychological aspects that should be considered when doing on line marketing is colour influence over people. In real marketing we use words to present our products, in on line marketing our word are the colours, as each colour expresses its own “message” to the clients.

The background colour, header or text colour have a great impact on your prospective clients. We are presenting you with a list of the most common colour`s meanings and associations:

BLACK – darkness, seriousness, secrecy, mystery.

WHITE – innocence, simplicity cleanliness, purity.

RED –  passion, love, danger, warning, excitement, impulse, adventure.

BLUE –  success, seriousness, trustworthiness, calmness, power, professionalism.

GREEN – nature, animals, money, health, life,  harmony, healing.

YELLOW–  cheerfulness, curiosity, amusement, playfulness.

ORANGE – creativity, comfort, fun, celebration, youth.

PINK – softness, sweetness, youthfulness, love, innocence, babies, tenderness.

PURPLE – justice, royalty, fantasy, luxury, dreams.

BROWN– nature, earth, tribal, primitive.

GREY – indifference, reserved, neutrality.

Believe it or not, it really matters what colours and colour combination you are using in your online marketing  business. It is advisable to use the guide shown above , when you want to “send” a certain message to your visitors.

It is proved that the best background choice for a serious business site is white or blue, for maternity and baby websites pink, green for ecological websites, love and romantic websites- red, etc.

Let us get back to reality – it is essential to choose colours and colour schemes that are pleasant to the eye and easy to read. Doing this, you`ll be awarded with the visitors attention. Remember – nothing else will lose you sales than eye-straining text – such as yellow text on white background.

To sum up I would say that like everything else, online marketing has its secrets, one of them is the wise use of colours. The right colour combinations may make your business flourish, while the wrong ones may ruin it. So… be careful!

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