Anytime you start creating a website, no matter if you are web developer, or broker or even a shopkeeper you should think how to build the website for your visitors – not just for you.

The website may become a powerful marketing tool with tons of benefits for your business and you really need to build it for the people. If you have participated in the creation of a website you may know that the following situations happen in practice:-

  • But I don’t like to color these guys are using for my website?

It doesn’t matter if you do not like the color. Think about what color will like your target group.

  • I don’t want to provide much information about me and my company. I feel insecure.

Your visitors want to know who you are. If they are well informed, they will feel more comfortable to contact you and believe me, most of them will goggle your company name for feedbacks from your clients on the web, so keep your customers well informed and happy.

  • The managing director likes black, so the website will be black! Period!

This is some kind of part of point 1, do not think what you like. Think what the customers like, so if the managing director likes it black, talk to him and explain in simple word why the website must be blue.

  • I don’t want to provide too much specific information about my business. They will call me and I will explain. I do not want to provide to the public my company secrets.

You do not need to provide any specific information about your business model or the technologies that you use. This part is for providing valuable information to the users. There benefits form that – you look more professional and competent to your customers, when they call they already have some information, so the questions will not be so basic and that will save you time explaining again and again the basics of your products and service. You can now concentrate on telling your customers how you can help them, why they should trust you and how your company is different in a better way from your competitors.

Good luck!

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