5 Useful Tips For Business Websites

It is the most typical thing for all small businesses to care about their customers. The reason for that is quite simple- customers are essential for a small company, they are the lifeblood of the business, not just another part in the whole mechanism. The support and hence the repeated work with a loyal user base are what small businesses strongly rely on. So, if you are a small business owner, what you really have to do is take a good care of your customers.

We offer you 5 simple tips that will help you improve your website in order to make your customers’ time spent on it far more pleasant and productive at the same time.

    Your Website Should Have a Mobile Version

Nowadays, it is absolutely essential to make a mobile version of your website. This mobile version will allow your customers to access the website on the go, no matter where they are. Also, it is much more possible that they will show your website to friends for it would very convenient just to pull it up and share it with them, even if there is no computer around.

In addition to that, websites for mobiles are often preferred by people who experience  some visual difficulties, or having problems using a mouse, for them touch displays are much easier to manipulate.

If you do not think you can afford a separate mobile version of your site, then, at least, you can speak with your web developer and ask him to make the website as functional and easy to use as possible on mobile devices.

    Provide Some Additional Information

Information is what your users are actually searching for. No matter for what reason they have come to your website, the first thing they will do is research the options they have and check all the details about them. In order to make this task easier for them, you can provide some additional information that complements your site’s primary content

The information your customers need to find in your website includes warranty information, sizing charts, product manuals, manufacturer contact details form, troubleshooting guides. This way you will not only give them the feeling that you really care about them. This will also make your website a valuable resource, where users will come back over and over again for the product or service they purchase.

    Use AJAX For Simple Tasks Only-Do Not Overdo It

The application of AJAX (to use JavaScript to load content into some parts of your page without reloading the entire web page) can go a long way toward making your user’s experience on your website pleasant. AJAX makes retrieving and browsing information faster and also creates a more smooth experience for the visitor. However, you must be careful with it-too much JavaScript can cause more harm than good-it can slow things down and make interactions confusing.

What you have to do is work out the details with your web developer in order to find the right balance, depending on the type of website you have and the products or services you offer. Loading and switching between product images and checking for errors while reporting them at the same time in order forms or updating shopping carts are some examples of good AJAX usage.

    Make Getting Help Easy

Of course, sometimes the additional information about your products or services you have provided, no matter how much it is, is just not enough. It is very likely for some of your customers to need more help. You can help them by providing answers to the most common questions (including links to additional resources) and placing your company’s contact information (or help desk information) on your website.

Your visitors must be able to contact you from every page, whether by an email address in the footer or a phone number in the header or a button or link with the content, prompting them to ask for additional information.

    Keep Your Website Simple and Well-Organised

With all of the above mentioned in mind, we need to give a proper attention to the details. You do not want your website to look cluttered or to provide your users with too much information, so the key is to keep your site simple and well-organised. Ask your web designer to develop ways to keep information easy to access and, at the same time, unobtrusive.

If you are making your own website, once you have chosen the web design, you must ask yourself if you can make the site easier to use. No matter if it is the entire block of text or just the background colour or border. Once the de-cluttering has been started, you will see if items should be moved to other places in the layout, to different pages or, if there is a need, completely removed. Continue revising until you get a simple, organised and easy to navigate website.

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