Facebook to Launch Music Platform

Have you ever thought that Facebook misses something so important for you? Have you ever dreamt of listening to music directly through Facebook? Well, I have good news for you- Facebook intends to launch a music service in September.

Facebook is just about to launch a music service. Three of Facebook`s main partners will be Spotify, MOG and Rdio. This platform will be announced on 22 Sept at Facebook`s f8 developer conference. This service will enable users to listen to their favorite hits within Facebook.

According to some reliable sources, Facebook will not host or stream music directly. They will rely on their partners to provide this.

The intention behind this partnership is that Facebook will become a platform for media content, the same way as it is a platform for games and applications.

Spotify, MOG and Rdio were specifically mentioned for being Facebook partners for this new service, but it is not clear whether they will be the only ones and if Facebook will open its platform to other developers. The rumor says also that Facebook has the intention to go beyond music with this platform. For example it is possible that services such as Netflix could stream movies through Facebook, however, no one could be sure whether this would be announced at the conference.

When being asked whether there is anything new around Facebook, the spokesman said there was not, as many of the most popular music services were integrated with Facebook.

Source: Mashable

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